Each issue is a series of notes on art – sounds that fascinate, images that excite. Galleries and artists with stories and furious schemes; hatching plans, predicting tragedy, prompting comedy. With themes of art and agitation in mind, characters met along the way describe the here and now of things. Each note, a record of being present in the world, in the wild. Issues are free for the time being. You being here is more important, so thank you for reading.

SPEW & Sprained Ankle, 2016

Comi-Comi is written by Stuart Munro, a writer for ApartamentoArt-agendaArt Basel, ArtReview, The World of Interiors and The Wire, who previously hosted the podcast Notebook. Say hello – stuart@stuartmunro.net

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Notes on art


Stuart Munro

Art writer in deep